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Why Catholics Uncomfortable with ‘Amoris’ Aren’t ‘Dissenters’

By Hilary Towers

There is a marriage metaphor used throughout the Bible to convey the truth and depth of God’s devotion to His people — His willingness to remain faithful in the face of our infidelity. First, God the Father, husband to Israel. Then Jesus, the Son, bridegroom to His Church.

It’s rather astounding how frequently the analogy is employed.

This is a metaphor fashioned for our times, if ever there was one. Lifelong, sexually-exclusive marriage is a reflection of our relationship to God. He is faithful even when we don’t deserve it. It’s like a built-in evangelization tool for parents, no matter how imperfect the marriage.

The child learns life — and marriage — will be hard, but that faithfulness will see us through. God will not abandon the child, no matter his waywardness. Husband will not abandon the wife (or vice versa) — even if he himself should be abandoned by her.

What happens when fewer and fewer parents model this Gospel of Marriage for their children? To start, the next generation becomes cynical about a faithful God.

Marriage becomes a vehicle for sexual and emotional satisfaction. Sex is severed from procreation. Men use women. Women use men. Women discard their babies. Widespread confusion about gender and sex roles ensues.

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