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Video Companion to Getting the Marriage Conversation Right

Evangelizing the Culture for Marriage and Family, as seen on EWTN — Excellent DVD Tool for Small Study Groups

A perfect tool for faith sharing and study groups. Organized in six 30 minute presentation. Can be used in the home or in parish meeting rooms.

Today, marriage is being redefined in law. Through popular culture and schools, children receive a distorted portrayal of marriage and why it is important.  Pressure is increasing socially and in the work place to accept an idea about marriage that conflicts with truth.

In the six-part television mini-series Evangelizing the Culture for Marriage and Family, learn what is at stake for the future of marriage and the rights of children if marriage is redefined. Explore new and compelling ways to witness the truth about marriage through the eyes of a child that resonate with the heart and our common human experience.

Join Apostolate for Family Consecration chaplain Rev. Kevin Barrett, author and founder of Catholics for the Common Good (CCG), William B. May, and CCG Board Chairman, Margot Kyd, as they discuss how to navigate the common pitfalls leading to misunderstanding and conflict and how to reveal the truth about marriage in discussions with family and friends. This six-part series examines the rights of children, and why state recognition of the reality of marriage is an imperative of social justice.

Session 1: Resolving Cultural Confusion about Marriage

In this thought provoking episode, you will learn there are actually two widely-accepted but conflicting understandings of marriage at the root of the marriage issue. The current debate about defining qualifications for marriage cannot be resolved without developing a common understanding of its true meaning and purpose. Viewing marriage from the perspective of the child reveals its truth and beauty, and makes clear the consequences of redefining it — the elimination of the only civil institution that unites children with their mothers and fathers. Discover how donor conception and surrogacy further contribute to the disassociation of children from marriage. Learn how to use non-religious language to witness the truth about marriage and stimulate a meaningful and productive engagement with family members and friends.

Session 2: Reconnecting Marriage with Children

The crisis of the breakdown of marriage is touching almost every extended family. Learn the subtle ways that marriage has become separated from children and the foundation of the family, and how it has come to be seen as merely an adult-centric institution. Discover why more and more people are choosing not to marry before having children or to get married at all. Is there any public interest in redefining marriage, which eliminates from the law the only civil institution that unites kids with their moms and dads?  With statistics showing nearly half of children in the United States being born out of wedlock and the associated consequences related to poverty and fatherlessness, evangelization of culture for marriage becomes an imperative of social justice.

Session 3: Rebuilding a Marriage Culture

The growing harm that the breakdown of marriage is having on our country is becoming more and more obvious. Learn how every child is at risk of developing a corrupted understanding of marriage that affects whether they see marriage as the foundation of their own families. Who wants their children to grow up to be single parents or their grandchildren deprived of married mothers and fathers?  This episode crystalizes the need for a new marriage movement centered on the unifying theme: Every law, institution and curriculum must be evaluated by how well it promotes men and women getting married before having children.

Session 4: Questions that Reveal the Truth about Marriage

In this episode, learn how to ask key questions that provoke thought, open new avenues of discussion, and help people discover the truth about the reality of marriage. Those asking the questions control the conversation. Too often we are led into answering the questions of others that are based on false premises. Learn the difference between false rights that are claimed and true human rights. Learn a simple test to spot false premises to avoid becoming confused and lured off topic. Discover the shocking connection between the acceptance of  donor conception and surrogacy and the value placed on marriage as the only institution that unites children with their own mothers and fathers.

Session 5: Avoiding Conflicts and Misunderstanding When Evangelizing for Marriage.

In this episode, learn how to avoid common mistakes made when witnessing the truth about marriage that lead to misunderstanding and conflict. Viewers will be surprised to learn the dangers associated with using the term “same-sex marriage,” talking about what is good for children, outcomes for children from different family situations, and using social science to support the traditional definition of marriage. Learn how to express authentic Catholic teaching in non-religious language, which is especially important when talking to young people. Prepare to be equipped in this episode to speak with confidence knowing that things are not true because the Church teaches it, but the Church teaches it because it is first true.

Session 6: Next Steps, Resolving Cultural Confusion About Marriage

Whether you are called to engage in the marriage debate publicly or not, it is critical for each of us to learn how to communicate with our own family and friends the truth about marriage in ways they can understand. In this episode, learn how to effectively respond to frequently asked questions that keep the conversation focused on the truth. But before we can make gains, we must begin with our own conversion of heart, to humble ourselves and ask Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Star or the New Evangelization, for help. Additionally, we must recognize evangelization of culture is not a human endeavor, and must be approached with the humility to surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit.