Truth is About Reality, Not Ideas — Tip 1

Pope Francis has been focused on marriage and family for the entire year at his Wednesday audiences at the Vatican. He has especially called on the laity to engage the culture and fight against the ideas (ideology) that are redefining the human person, love, sexuality, marriage and the family. But don’t fight ideas with ideas, the Holy Father has admonished. That only leads to conflict causing some to become prisoners and others to drop out altogether. Instead, ground dialogue in reality, because “realities are greater than ideas”[1] — and reality unites. The Church teaches reality rather than ideas.

For example, the Church does not teach marriage is good for children or children deserve or need a mother and a father. These are ideas that lead to conflict over what a child needs and what is good rather than revealing truth about marriage. Instead, the Church teaches the child has a fundamental human right to be born into a family with mom and dad united in marriage because it is there that the child can discover his own identity. That is not an idea, but a fact- a reality.

It’s because of the rights of children that the Marriage Reality Movement will not rest until the only civil institution that unites children with their mothers and fathers is once again recognized and promoted as a privileged institution by every law, every curriculum and every institution!

[1] Pope Francis’ Principles for Cultural Change