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The Urgency for Moving the Launch of the Marriage Reality Movement

“As a result of the Supreme Court decision to redefine marriage, the battle has moved from the courts to the classroom and will ultimately be around the family dinner table,” says Catholics for the Common Good president, Bill May. “Parents are not prepared and have not yet fully begun to appreciate the consequences of the decision for our children and families.”

The new textbooks and required supplemental classroom materials already being used in a number of states are requiring our children to learn that marriage is merely a lifestyle choice for loving adults with no connection to children and families. They are being forced to learn that more families with children deprived of married mothers and fathers is a good thing, and that sex between consenting adults is the proper way to express love.

As many are already realizing, the Marriage Reality Movement is offering fresh new ways to witness the truth about love, marriage and family.

“The Court’s decision was a stunning rejection of the efforts to defend marriage over the last 15 years,” May says. “If the Court can’t understand the reality of marriage with all of the corrupting influences of the culture, how do we expect our children to understand it as they make choices in their own lives?”

“The Marriage Reality Movement is not more of the same, but a positive campaign that starts with reintroducing the reality of marriage from the beginning, and will not end until the only civil institution that unites children with their mothers and fathers is once again recognize and promoted as a privileged institution by every law, every curriculum, and every institution.”

The official launch of the Marriage Reality Movement was originally scheduled to launch in early 2016, but was moved up to Sept. 24, at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.