The Reality of Marriage and Adoption

Adoptive parents may feel uncomfortable with the description of marriage reality as uniting a man and a woman with each other and any children born from their union. They may feel it in some way excludes them and their family. They are sometimes sensitive about using the description with their adopted children. The description holds true for families with adopted children as well.

In marriage, a man and a woman freely choose to make themselves irreplaceable to each other. This not only prepares them to receive a new person as a gift from their own union, but also through adoption.

By definition, children in need of adoption have lost their mother and father — their flesh and blood. Adoption is an act of charity — a gift when a married man and woman choose to invite a child into their circle of irreplaceability. In reality, only a man can stand in for the father the child has lost and only a woman can stand in for the mother. Through adoption the child becomes irreplaceable to the adoptive mother and father and the adoptive mother and father become irreplaceable to the child.