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The First Step: Resistance

By Bill May

It’s true. The “gay rights” movement has been very successful at winning the P.R. battle, classifying you and me as bigots for supporting marriage reality, and now have won a victory before the U.S. Supreme Court forcing a redefinition of marriage on the entire country. But there’s hope. The Marriage Reality Movement is geared to change the dynamics of the marriage discussion in our country. Working together we can take marriage back and lay the groundwork for rebuilding a marriage culture.

We have been facing a campaign of intimidation that is corrupting the understanding of love, marriage and sexuality for our children and other young people. This campaign has become pervasive in our schools, and through TV, film and music, and that will only increase.

It is important to first recognized that U.S. Supreme Court has essentially banned the legal definition of marriage in the law that made marriage the only institution that unites kids with their moms and dads.

What can we do in the face of tyranny? We resist! We refuse to cooperate! Not by stepping up the conflict that has led to progressive defeats, but by intentionally using language and arguments that express and reveal the reality in marriage that we know to be true. We dare to be different and defiant in a positive way.

Here are a few examples of this approach:

  • We define ourselves by being for marriage reality, not by being opposed to the lie of “same-sex marriage.” The “gay rights” movement wanted the debate to be about them. Why cooperate by using their terminology that obscures reality? ResistBecome defiantBeing opposed to “same-sex marriage” made us come across as uncaring and insensitive in front of our children, and risk being stereotyped as bigots or full of hate. Instead, respectfully demand an answer to the truth revealing question, “Do we need a civil institution that unites kids with their moms and dads?”
  • We are for marriage reality, not “traditional marriage,” which portrays marriage as a construct based on the past and not about the future. We know that marriage is not a man-made institution but is an integral part of God’s plan for creation as the Church teaches. “Marriage reality” more precisely express how marriage is described in Scripture and in the Catechism. Let’s communicate this.
  • We are for training and encouraging the formation of local support groups to educate people on how to spot tricks and lies that confuse our children, how to bring clarity to every conversation based on reality (truth). For example, a tactic opponents are teaching our children and friends is to shift the conversation to families with same-sex parents. That is subterfuge. In reality, that has nothing to do with marriage, the only institution that unites kids with their moms and dads.

You may have many questions. Please write to us or post a comment below.

The Marriage Reality Movement is building to be able to provide individual support and training opportunities such as webinars for its members, and give them the tools to have deeper discussions and dialogue about this defining issue of our time. This is not merely about learning how to win an argument, but witnessing the truth so our family members can understand it and repeat it.

Are you ready to take back marriage? Start resisting today.