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Black Frocks Won’t Empower Women, Marriage Will

By Carolyn Moynihan

Only by demanding commitment can women gain control of sex

MRM Editor’s Comment: WARNING — The video produced by the Austin Institute included in this article makes a point about the sexual marketplace and its consequences, but Read more

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Bishop Conley: Women’s Rights are Human Rights

By Bishop James D. Conley

MRM Editor’s Note: To further illuminate Bishop Conley’s discussion of  women’s rights are human rights, it is valuable to reflect on what a human right is. In order for a right to be a human Read more

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How Hookup Culture is Making Women Miserable

NEW YORK (CNA) — Leah Fessler considers herself a feminist.

And the standard feminist narrative is that women can have, and indeed enjoy, casual sex without consequences — physical, emotional, or otherwise.

But when her experience with hookup … Read more

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The Double Mommy Trap: Two Mothers and No Rights for Junior

MRM Note: As you read this article, look beyond the shocking horror of legal decisions advancing a new “right” for adults to create families of choice to suit their needs. Consider the reality of what is happening from the perspective Read more