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What’s destroying kids – smartphones or distracted parents?

By Carolyn Moynihan

The Desperate Plight of Generation iPhone

(MercatorNet) — We all know that kids use their phones too much. They are too much on Snapchat or texting their friends. They would take their phones to bed … Read more

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The Age of Noise

By Bishop James D. Conley

More than 70 years ago, the English satirist Aldous Huxley wrote that modernity is the “age of noise.” He was writing about the radio, whose noise, he said “penetrates the mind, filling it with a … Read more

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Nigerian Bishop: Evangelize Though Family, Social Media

MRM Editor’s Note: This article expresses the universality of the problem that is undermining marriage and the family. Bishop Badejo offers advice that is as true for every person of faith around the world as it is for Nigerians. We Read more

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Pornography Affecting the Marriage Rate?

By Mary Rezac

MRM ANALYSIS: This article discusses the discovery of a correlation between pornography use and the drop in marriage rates. People speculate why, but as the article reveals and Clay Olsen, co-founder of the internet movement “Fight the Read more