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New Bill Could Mean More Scholarships For Catholic Schools Nationwide

Editor’s Note: In a number of schools, there is an increasing threat to our children, with new curricula that corrupts. This new, false understanding about marriage, family, sexuality, and morality, that children are pressured to accept, conflicts with the truths Read more

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Georgetown Pro-Marriage Group Faces Sanctions after Students Complain

MRM Editor’s Note: The pro-marriage group, Love Saxa, has been engaged in an campaign to educate students on the harms of pornography and its effect on sexual behavior. The recently sponsored a lecture by sociologist Mark Regnerus to discuss his Read more

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Sex Education in California Sparks Culture Clash

Immigrant parents lead fight against hotly debated curriculum

By Joan Frawley Desmond

PALO ALTO, CALIF. — A new sex-education curriculum has provoked opposition in three California school districts this year, and parent-led protests have already forced one local school boardRead more


How the New Curriculum Undermines the Family

By Bill May

While spending time with children and grandchildren over Christmas, I couldn’t help but think about how our families and children are under attack in ways many fail to appreciate. As one good Catholic mother shared her daughter’s … Read more

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Corruption of Children through Comprehensive Sex Education

A startling video produced by Family Watch International posted below is about the international effot to corrupt the understanding of children about love and sexuality through what is called Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE). Caution is advised before watching because the … Read more

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New California “LGBT” Curriculum


Marriage Reality Movement Comments

Editor’s Note: The term “LGBT” is used to identify the curriculum framework as described by proponents of the changes and the secular media. Protagonists for marriage reality prefer not to use the reductionists Read more