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In UN Message, Pope Francis Decries Abortion and Family Breakdown

Editor’s Note: In this article, Pope Francis urges world leaders to be especially attentive to the rights of children. Pope Francis also reminded the UN that “the first teachers of every child are his or her mother and father, adding Read more

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Democrats File Lawsuit Trying to Force Doctors and Nurses to Kill Babies in Abortions

Editor’s Note: Below are two paragraphs of an article recently published by, about serious risks to freedom of conscience for doctors. Please take the time to consider the damage legislation being proposed will do, if proponents win control of Read more

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NY Abortion Law Ends ‘Common Sense’ Protection for Pregnant Women, Catholic Democrat Says

Editor’s Note: New York’s new abortion law, refusing to recognize the reality of the child in the womb, creates more pressure on women to abort their babies. Anger against the mother may ensue if the father doesn’t want this “product Read more