Resistance – Living in Truth

How do we fight this culture that is corrupting our children’s understanding of love, sexuality, marriage and family? Not by anger. Not by hatred. But by love and by resistance. We call this, “living in truth,” after the challenge of Vaclav Havel slogan that ignited Eastern Europe under the tyranny of the culture of communist lies.

How do we resist?

Avoid Lies and Opinions (Ideas); Repeat Only What’s True (Reality)

Following St. John Paul II’s challenge during a visit to Poland to “vanquish evil with good,” Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko “demanded resistance — people should live ‘as if’ they were free, refusing to participate in the continuing culture of lies”[1]

We must create a resistance by refusing to use terms that undermine our witness of truth to our family and friends: terms that mislead and have lies embedded in them. Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko, the martyr priest, led a resistance against the communists by telling people to refuse to repeat the lies of the communist culture and instead continuously repeat the truth about the dignity of the human person and the family, over and over and over again. We must do the same!

“Realities are more important than ideas. Realities simply are, whereas ideas are worked out.”
~Pope Francis
Evangelii Gaudium #231

But like the Polish people, we are so used to hearing the lies of the culture that we easily fall into the trap of repeating them without even realizing. Our research discovered that we also unwittingly use language that subtly includes things that aren’t true which obviously undermines our efforts to witness the truth about marriage, sexuality, love and the family.


Do you know most of the terms related to marriage, family and sexuality were created by the same people who are trying to destroy the regular family? It is more obvious with anti-life related terms like “pro-choice” or “reproductive rights.” With marriage and family issues, it is more subtle and we tend to use common terms that already have lies embedded in them.

We must resist by developing our own language, a language of truth; a language of reality! It will take determination and a willingness to break the old habits and form new ones. It will take a willingness to be bold and courageous for the sake of our children and families.

The first step is becoming aware of the lies and untruths. We must continually ask, “Do the terms and expressions I am using conform to reality? Once you become more aware of reality, you will be surprised at the answers to the question. To get started, we will offering terms over the coming weeks to watch out for and ditch from our usage.

At first, the problems with the terms to ditch won’t be obvious, so we will provide analyses to explain how they undermine witnessing the truth. Eventually you will learn how to analyze terms yourself, and become an effective resister.

Terms to Ditch (Lies and Opinions)

  1. Ditch “Same-sex marriage.” This term is a lie but not for the reasons you think. You will be surprised. Use “redefined marriage” instead. Read the surprising explanation about “same-sex marriage”.
  2. Ditch “Alternative family.” Not an alternative for the child. Instead use “irregular family” or “irregular family situation,” language the Church uses. Read the surprising explanation about “alternative family”.
  3. Ditch “A mother and a father.” This may shock at first. What could be untrue about “a mother and a father?” Marriage is not about “a” mother and father, but the child’s own mother and father united in marriage. There are a number of surprising reasons for the importance of ditching this term, one of the hardest habits to break. Read the surprising explanation about “a mother and a father”.
  4. Ditch “It’s about the children.” This is a sloppy opinion, that falls far from witnessing the fullness of God’s plan. Yes, marriage’s procreative purpose relates to children but lots of things relate to or are “about the children.” In the reality (truth) of marriage, it is revealing and factual to say, “It’s about the rights of children.” Read the surprising explanation about “it’s about the children”.
  5. There are No Gays or Lesbians.In stead use the term, “persons who have adopted or taken on a gay or lesbian identity.” This term affirm the fundamental identity of the person as a person, who is much more than any identity. Using the term is an important way of living in truth and resisting the culture of lies. Read the surprising explanation about “gays and lesbians”.

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[1]  The End and the Beginning, Pope John Paul II — The Victory of Freedom, the Last Years, the LegacyGeorge Weigel. Crown Publishing Group. New York. 2010.