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New California “LGBT” Curriculum


Marriage Reality Movement Comments

Editor’s Note: The term “LGBT” is used to identify the curriculum framework as described by proponents of the changes and the secular media. Protagonists for marriage reality prefer not to use the reductionists terms lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered, which in reality are lies that reduce the person to a sexual identity. We resist and will not cooperate. In reality, there are no “gay persons,” there are only persons created in the image of God, infinitely loved by Him just the way they are and are destined for eternal happiness with him. The fact that someone has adopted a “gay” lifestyle or identity does not change that reality. We place the emphasis on the person and affirm the person, who is so much more than any identity. People may have no control over attractions or sexual feelings, which are authentic for them, but taking on an identity and a lifestyle is always a choice. The expression, “a person who had taken on a gay identity,” expresses this reality — the truth — inoffensively.

SAN FRANCISCO — On Thursday, July 14, the California Board of Education adopted a framework for a new “LGBT” social studies curriculum that will have national ramifications since textbooks will be written to comply.

Starting in second grade, students must be taught about diverse family types in positive ways and must accept having families with children deprived of a married mother and father as a good thing. In fourth grade they must learn about the redefinition of marriage and therefore must accept that marriage has nothing to do with children and families; it is merely a lifestyle choice for adults. By high school the focus is on the right to create one’s own sexual identity and how people have been doing that throughout history.

“The greatest concern is that the framework tends to normalize and reinforce things that have led to negative social and human consequences in society such as fatherlessness and children deprived of married mothers and fathers,” said William B. May for the Marriage Reality Movement.

“Curricula should be evaluated by how well it promotes men and women marrying before having children, discourages conceiving children with the intention of depriving them of the fundamental right of knowing, being loved by, and being in relationship with their own mother, father or both, and helps children understand the value of true friendship that can lead to stable marriages and families rather than friendships based on sexual relationships that are falsely being presented as love.”

May emphasized, “It is not enough to oppose the agenda to provide our children with a corrupted understanding of love, sexuality, marriage and family that affects the choices they make in their own lives, we must provide a positive alternative to reframe the dialogue.”

“The Marriage Reality Movement starts with reintroducing love and marriage from the beginning to a culture that has forgotten its meaning. It provides parents and others with new ways of explaining the reality of marriage so that young children can understand and explain it to their friends, and it is building a new coalition to take back marriage for our children and families that is defined by clear objectives based on what we are for rather than against.”