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Marriage Reality Movement Announced

SAN FRANCISCO — Addressing a culture that has forgotten the true meaning of marriage, Catholics for the Common Good has partnered with the Apostolate for Family Consecration to produce a new television series that debuted on EWTN January 12.

The series, Evangelizing the Culture for Marriage and Family, also marks the soft launch of a new CCG led movement to rebuild a culture of marriage and family. The Marriage Reality Movement is a coalition of people seeking to restore a culture in which it is the norm for men and women to marry before having children. Viewers of the series can become part of the movement by signing up at

Members of the Marriage Reality Movement seek to reintroduce marriage in ways that reveal its truth, beauty and goodness. They seek its recognition and promotion by society as the only civil institution that specifically unites children with their mothers and fathers. They ask the question, “Do we need such an institution?”

According to CCG president William B. May, “The truth about marriage has become so hidden that confusion about it is causing fewer and fewer people to seek marriage as the foundation of their own families. The unfortunate result is also seen in court decisions and in our culture with the legal redefinition of marriage.”  May is confident the EWTN program and the new movement will be a great source of consolation and hope for those who are discouraged by the attacks on marriage and the trend to redefine it.

Catholics for the Common Good is an apostolate that seeks to “reintroduce” marriage to the culture, evangelize the culture on the reality and truth of marriage and stand with children in their rights to be unified with their mother and father.