Support Resources for Happier Families

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From time to time, families — including children — who are having difficulties can benefit from support from specialized resources, organizations, or counselors. It is important to find resources well-grounded in the faith. Here are some resources recommended by the Marriage Reality Movement.


Excellent call-in radio program with sound practical  problem solving advice based on Theology of the Body. Broadcast M-F, 10AM ET on over 400 radio stations. Also available as podcasts through iTunes.
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(Disclosure: Dr. Popcak is a Marriage Reality Movement advisor.)

Phone or Internet therapy offered

Local Therapy

Other Support Resources

Pornography and Sexual Addiction Help

Same-Sex Attraction

  • Courage: A ministry with local chapters for people struggling with same-sex attractions**
  • Encourage: Support group with local chapters dedicated to the spiritual needs of parents, siblings, children, and other relatives and friends of persons who have same-sex attractions.**

Marriage Enhancement

**Organizations with whom the Marriage Reality Movement has a direct relationship

Recommendations welcome:

Please send recommendations for other resources for helping families with relationship or emotional difficulties. Include details, the basis for the recommendation and complete contact information. CONTACT US