Educational Signs and Flyers

Educational signs and flyers

Reintroducing Marriage

The word "marriage" has been redefined in law and the culture, and is no longer connected with the reality of marriage. To take back marriage, we need to first reintroduce it in non-religious language so that people can understand it original goodness and beauty. Signs and posters can help educate and reinforce various aspects of the reality of marriage and family that have become hidden from our culture and the consciousness of our children, family members and others. The objective of signs and slogans is to give people things to think about over time. The idea is to provoke contemplation, not conflict. 

Each message is part of a curriculum to be presented over time and is designed to create an awareness of a concept that is fundamental to understanding the reality of God's plan for marriage. It is the false premises that people hold that lead them about love, marriage and family

Remember the ultimate objective is to take back marriage in a way that its reality is supported and promoted by every law, every public institution and every curriculum based in the fundamental human rights of children to be born and raised in a family with their mother and father united in marriage.

Some ideas for using these messages:

  • Small signs can be printed from pdf files on standard 8 1/2x11 paper and can be posted in various locations.
  • Posters can be printed in large sizes and used for events and rallies.
  • Images can be posted on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, placed on website, or used in other ways to help educate the public. Images can be downloaded by clicking on them and saving them to your computer or smart phone.

Check back often as more signs and other resources will be added on a regular basis.

  • Intoduction to Marriage Reality 101

Marriage Reality Unites Marriage Reality Unites P
PDF - Blue Background
PDF - White Background

This fact describes what
marriage is in reality. Not
every married man and
woman has children, but
every child has a mom
and dad.

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Marriage Reality Only Institution F Marriage Reality Only Institution -P
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Ever think of the reality of
marriage this way? This is a
fact, but this civil institution
no longer exists in many

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Supreme Court Eliminated Supreme Court
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This is what actually
happened. Ever think
about it this way?

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Do We Need Do We Need

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This is the critical question
that reframes the entire
dialogue in a positive way. It's
not what we are against,
but what we are for that we

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Kids Have Rights Kids have a right
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View marriage from the
perspective of the child.
This is what we want 
to debate? Mom and Dad
are part of our identity.
Recognizing the human
right of the child leads to 
awareness of the
responsibility of adults
and society.

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