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Introducing the New Marriage Reality Movement Logo

After months of work, reviewing design concepts and conducting focus groups, the Marriage Reality Movement has arrived at a logo that represents the spirit of this fresh and positive approach to taking back marriage for our children and families.

In an email announcement to MRM members, CCGI president, Bill May said, “The logo icon can be viewed in a number of ways. Many see a heart, many see members of a family as an icon of the Trinity, and some see a butterfly as a sign of new life and hope!

“This part of the logo is meant to represent our desire to be known by what we are for — the rights of children to know the truth about love, sexuality, marriage and family and, as far as possible, to be born into a family with their mother and father — instead of what we are against.

“You’ll be seeing our new logo in all Marriage Reality Movement communications from now on and on our new website, but it’s only part of our official launch effort with San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone on Sept. 24, just before Pope Francis arrives at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. Our booth at the event (the largest family event this year in the Church) will feature giveaways to promote the Marriage Reality Movement and marriage reality, and we’ll have materials on hand that explain the reality of marriage and how to promote it in your family and community.