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Fargo Boy Mows Lawns for Father He Never Met

Works to Pay for a Gravestone

By Kevin Wallevand

MRM Editor’s Note: Brandon’s true mother is a hero for choosing life for her child. A remarkable boy, not everyone would have responded in the beautiful way Brandon did toward his true father. This story demonstrates the reality of the common human experience to want to know and be connected in some way with our own mother and father, an experience of God’s plan for marriage and the family. Children know that their adoptive parents are their actual mom and dad, but in reality, their true mother and father are still part of their identity, as they are for all of us. We carry their flesh for all of eternity. That is why it is our responsibility to defend and promote the human right of children to be born into a family with their own mother and father united in marriage and work toward the re-establishment of the civil institution that is specifically geared to unite children with their mom and dad, and to re-establishment of the norm for men and women to marry before having children.

FARGO, ND (WDAY News) — By the end of this next story, 11-year-old Brandon Bakke of Fargo will have taught all of us some valuable life lessons about family, hard work and knowing where we came from.

A Fargo family adopted Brandon at birth and as he began asking his Fargo family questions recently, the layers began to peel away.

As summer slowly turned to fall in Fargo, Discovery 6th-grader Brandon Bakke cranked up the John Deere, for yet another mowing job; this summer, he’s had a few.

He’s had to, his choice.

“I had flyers I put out,” said Brandon.

Brandon spent the summer mowing lawns for neighbors and strangers, raising money, not for himself, but,

“I am going to spend that on a gravestone,” said Brandon.

For a stranger, by the name of Terrence, a man he has never met.

“To be able to buy the gravestone for him,” said Brandon.

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Originally posted Oct. 4, 2016