Does Your Employer Have a Matching Gift Program?

Does your employer have a matching gift program?

Donations designated for the Marriage Reality Movement may qualify for corporate or employer matching gifts and provide opportunities to double your gift, even if there may be restrictions on donations to religious organizations. While many are compelled to participate by their faith, the movement has a non-religious approach to witnessing truth (reality), protecting our children, and working toward a more just society.

The Marriage Reality Movement is a network of people and coalition of organizations of all faiths and beliefs, concerned about the state of marriage in society, who wish to join a positive and practical effort to rebuild a marriage culture.

  • Membership, educational materials, attendance at events and services are available to all people without regardless of beliefs or religious affiliation.
  • The educational mission of the Marriage Reality Movement is to teach people how to communicate the reality of marriage using non-religious language and without reference to religion.
  • Participation in religious activities or worship is never a requirement of joining, accessing educational materials or attending or participating in events.

Check with your employer to see if you can double your gift.