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Court May Deny Religious Liberty of Catholic Schools

Editor’s Note: Our friend Patrick Reilly provides a stunning account of what redefining marriage means to Catholic education. If the battle to protect Catholic education is merely a fight to protect religious liberty, we will lose. The response must be to reframe the conversation so that the conflict is with reality, rather than between competing ideas, as Pope Francis has taught. This is the purpose of the Marriage Reality Movement.

By Patrick J. Reilly

The key battleground for the federal government’s twenty-first-century assault on religious freedom may be Catholic education — in particular, those faithful Catholic institutions that refuse to surrender and remain committed to Christ and His teachings as they come to us through the Church.

On Tuesday, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr., told the Supreme Court that religious colleges could lose their tax exemption and suffer other penalties if the Court redefines marriage.

Certainly this could affect Evangelical Christian, Mormon and other religious colleges, as well as all religious apostolates that adhere to the natural definition of marriage. But Catholic education especially has been targeted by LGBT activists, from within and without. Consider the controversy in San Francisco over Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s expectations for teachers, as well as the refusal of even many conservative Republicans in Congress to protect Catholic schools from a Washington, D.C., law that could force them to sponsor clubs that advocate marriage rights for homosexual couples.

It was long before the Supreme Court took up the redefinition of marriage — and even before the Obama administration announced its “HHS mandate” for employee insurance coverage of sterilization, contraception and abortifacients — that Catholic education was under fire.

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