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Corruption of Children through Comprehensive Sex Education

A startling video produced by Family Watch International posted below is about the international effot to corrupt the understanding of children about love and sexuality through what is called Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE). Caution is advised before watching because the content is shocking and in some cases graphic. The documentary can even be a bit overwhelming when one begins to understand how broad, well-organized and well-funded the effort to undermine the family through sex education is. But like any problem, the first step in addressing it is public education.

Violation of a Fundamental Human Right

American College of Pediatricians says that “Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) goes far beyond sex ed, and is a dangerous assault on the health and innocence of children …” Members of the Marriage Reality Movement understand that young people have a fundamental human right to be able to discover the truth about love, sexuality, marriage, and family, because it effects their ability to make choices in their lives that contribute to their flourishing as persons. Distorted views about love and sexuality also impacts their ability to form healthy relationships leading to strong marriages and stable families. With every human right their is a corresponding duty, and therefore the second uniting objective of the Marriage Reality Coalition is promote and defend this human right.

On one level, this is about protecting our own families and children. But this right is common to every and therefore each young person without exception.

For more information, go to STOP Comprehensive Sex Education.