The Marriage Reality Movement® Coalition

Archbishop Salvatore keynotes at the launch of the Marriage Reality Movement.

Leaders, Organizations and Ministries Endorse
Uniting Strategic Objectives for Rebuilding a Marriage Culture

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Endorse the Three Uniting Principles and Objectives. [1]

Restoring a marriage culture will not result from the work of any single strategy, program or organization but of many people and organizations contributing their expertise, experience and creativity in pursuit of this common objective through their own mission.

Expressing and keeping in mind what we are for, not against, is critical and we, the undersigned, endorse the three uniting principles and objectives of the Marriage Reality Coalition based on the rights of children to be raised in a family with their mother and father united in marriage. We will not rest until the sole institution that particularly unites children with their mothers and fathers once again becomes a privileged civil institution, and is promoted by every law, every curriculum and every institution.

The Three Uniting Strategic Objectives

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Charter Members of the Marriage Reality Movement® Coalition

Human Life International: HLI's pro-life and pro-family missionaries work in more than 80 countries worldwide.
Catholic Daughters of America Catholic Daughters of America: Promoting justice, equality, and advancement of human rights and dignity with faith and love.
Family Life International New Zeland: Dedicated to educating, advocating and carrying out practical work in support of life, faith and family.
Apostolate for Family Consecration Apostolate for Family Consecration: Supports parents in passing on the faith to their children with Holy Family Fests, retreats, and resources.
Respect4U Respect4U: Coleen Kelly Mast and RESPECT4U develop family-based chastity programs reinforcing the science and faith behind marriage.
Witness to Love: An international, virtues-based, Catechumenate model of marriage renewal, Evangelization and preparation. Online, on-demand instruction rooted in TOB; personalized mentoring; builds strong, healthy, Christ-centered marriage.
Agape Family Ministries

Agape Catholic Ministries: Building strong Christ-centered families- marriage preparation; infant baptismal preparation; Quinceañeras preparation; marriage enrichement.

Couple to Couple League Couple to Couple League: Building joyful marriages by teaching Natural Family Planning, couple to couple.
Family Honor Family Honor: Providing and promoting a family-centered Catholic approach to chastity education. 
The Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide: Ministering to the emotional and spiritual needs of the separated and divorced.
Rose Sweet, Author and Speaker Rose Sweet- Inspirational Speaker, Trainer, Author:Relationships THRIVE when we infuse them with the graces that flow from our religion.
Mary's Advocates Mary's AdvocatesReducing unilateral no-fault divorce, and supporting those who are unjustly abandoned.
Educational Guidance Institute Educational Guidedance Institute Teaching truth, goodness and beauty through classic movies to the rising generation.
Council 1292 Knights of Columbus Council 1292, Holy Rosary Chapel/St Isabella, San Rafael, CA. In service to One. In service to All.
Assembly 83 Knights of Columbus Assembly 83, Mission San Rafael, Novato CA. Stepping beyond our own lives, how we lead our families into serving our fellow man. 
Trinity Stores Trinity Stores: Providers of sacred art and icons to support prayer and devotion.
Catholics for the Common Good InstituteApostolate for evangelization of culture and sponsor of the Marriage Reality Movement.



The Three Uniting
Strategic Objectives
of the
Marriage Reality Movement®

We pledge to:

  1. Defend and promote the human right of the child "to be conceived, carried in the womb, brought into the world and brought up within marriage: it is through the secure and recognized relationship to his own parents that the child can discover his own identity and achieve his own proper human development.”1
  2. Defend and promote the human right of young people to have “freedom in seeking and knowing the truth”2 about love, sexuality, marriage and family. Young people cannot seek and discover the truth if it is hidden from them by school curricula and popular culture.
  3. Evaluate every law, institution and curriculum by how well it promotes men and woman marrying before having children, supports young people developing relationships that lead to marriage and supports men and women in their marriages.3

1  Donum VitaeA1. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. 1987
​​2   Centesimus Annus, Encyclical Letter by St John Paul II, 1991
3   See  CCC §2202, 2209, 2210; Familiaris Consortio 44





















































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