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Children Born Outside Marriage Slightly Declines for Surprising Reason

The percentage of Children born outside of marriage has been rising for years, but seems to be leveling off at forty percent, according to the PEW Research Center based on the latest data available from 2014. The figure had risen to forty-one percent in 2008.

Taking a closer look at the numbers, PEW found that the slight decrease was completely attributable to births to foreign born women, who are less likely to have children outside of marriage. The rate of births outside of marriage for immigrants has fallen from 37 percent to 33 percent since 2008.  The rate of out of wedlock births for US born women is unchanged at 42 percent.

The reason for the decline of births outside of marriage to immigrant women relates to changes in immigration patterns in recent years. Immigration from Mexico and Latin America have declined because of the 2008 recession and a decrease in availability of jobs, while immigration from Asia has remained the same or increased. Births outside of marriage are less frequent for Asians.”

“The number of children deprived of married mothers and fathers is still at a crisis level, which has serious personal consequences for children and society as sociologist and government statistics confirm. Every child has a right to be born into a family with their mother and father united in marriage and the obligation to promote the recognition of the right falls to us, said William May, spokesperson for the Marriage Reality Movement.

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