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NY Abortion Law Ends ‘Common Sense’ Protection for Pregnant Women, Catholic Democrat Says

Editor’s Note: New York’s new abortion law, refusing to recognize the reality of the child in the womb, creates more pressure on women to abort their babies. Anger against the mother may ensue if the father doesn’t want this “product Read more

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Marriage Redefinition Consequences for the Unborn

MRM ANALYSIS: The breakdown and redefinition of marriage and family have severed the rights of children to be raised in a family with their own mother and father united in marriage. They have led to a new trend that treats Read more

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Final Synod Document Strongly Backs Church Teaching, Beauty of Family life

By Elise Harris

VATICAN (CNA/EWTN News) — With a two-thirds majority vote, the more than 200 bishops gathered for the Vatican’s synod on the family upheld Church teaching on hot-button issues such as homosexuality and communion for divorced … Read more