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Are We Just Twisting in the Wind?

By Bill May

A number of bishops attending the launch of the Marriage Reality Movement at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia last September asked how to get the Marriage Reality Movement in their dioceses. Several diocesan family life directors have raised similar questions since.

At the launch, there were many leaders who are doing excellent work supporting marriage in dioceses across the country, but many expressed a sense of hopelessness at the lack of a clear direction for rebuilding a marriage culture.

In the pro-life movement, although there are many diverse organizations, everyone knows what the objectives are. That focus has allowed the pro-life movement to flourish because all participants can see how each is contributing to the overarching mission.

The Marriage Reality Movement is working to organize such a coalition of diverse organizations around unifying principles and clear objectives to provide what the Bishops are seeking. Whether it is chastity ministry, marriage prep, marriage enhancement, or some other marriage focus or project, we are all contributing to the promotion and defense of the human right of children to be born into marriage and the human right of the young to discover the truth about love, marriage and family.

The Marriage Reality Coalition is coming soon. Stay tuned for announcements in the coming weeks!

Uniting principles and objectives of the Marriage Reality Coalition