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About the Marriage Reality Movement Coalition


The Marriage Reality Movement® was launched by Catholics for the Common Good Institute and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia on Sept. 24, 2015. The concept of the coalition was presented to the gathered Catholic leaders and bishops as an alliance of organizations dedicated to restoring the reality of marriage as a privileged institution that unites children with their mothers and fathers and working toward restoring the norm of men and women marrying before having children.

Restoring a marriage culture will not result from the work of any single strategy, program or organization but of many people and organizations contributing their expertise, experience and creativity through their own missions in pursuit of this common goal.  It must be a positive and joy-filled work that reveals the goodness and beauty of marriage and the family rather than efforts that can be perceived as moralistic and judgmental.

The vision for this coalition is based on the advice that St. John Paul II gave to the Polish labor union Solidarity in January 1981:[1]

“Solidarity should never be against something or somebody, but for something.”

Then he said, “Let your work serve human dignity, let it elevate man, let it elevate families, let it elevate the whole people!”


Any organization of good will may apply to have their organization listed on this website as a member by subscribing to the uniting principles of the Marriage Reality Movement Coalition.

The coalition seeks to particularly include all organizations making positive contributions that support the family, rebuild a marriage culture, and work to break the cycle of fatherlessness leading to poverty and so many other human and societal consequences. 

We are Stronger Together

Your membership and endorsement of the uniting principles and objectives makes a strong statement causing people to stop and think about marriage in a new way that reveals its reality as the only institution that unites children with their mothers and fathers and helps clarify what we all must work toward to rebuild a marriage culture. The more who join, the stronger we get.

As a member of the Marriage Reality Coalition,
  1. Like-minded people and organizations will be able to find and support your mission through a link and description of your work on the Marriage Reality Movement website.
  2. Special projects and events will be shared with members of the Marriage Reality Movement through the website, emails and social media.
  3. Your organization can partner with or participate in hosting select webinars.
  4. Your organization will have the opportunity to partner in co-hosting or participate in events, such as formation seminars, conferences, rallies, etc.
  5. Coalition members will be promoted during MRM lectures, talks, and media appearances.
  6. You will receive logos, messaging and other marketing materials that identify you as a member of the Marriage Reality Coalition.
  7. Selected articles and other content may be featured on or linked through the Marriage  Reality Movement website, blog, emails or social media.
  8. More benefits will be forthcoming as the coalition continues to grow.

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Bill May to bishops and Catholic leaders: “The Marriage Reality Movement will not rest until the reality of marriage is once again recognized and promoted by every law, every public institution and every curriculum.”

[1] Weigel, George. The End and the Beginning (p126-127). Doubleday. New York. 2010.