It’s About the RIGHTS of Children …

It’s about restoring Marriage Reality by speaking truths through the eyes of the child.

The Marriage Reality Movement® seeks to reintroduce the reality of marriage to a culture that has forgotten its meaning, providing a bedrock of truth for our children and our world.

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The bat­tle for mar­riage has moved from the court­house to the local class­room and around the fam­ily din­ner table be­cause of the conse­quences of rede­fining mar­riage. The Mar­riage Real­ity Move­ment®​ of­fers new hope for those who have strug­gled to ex­plain ma­rriage in the past, or have dropped out altoge­ther for fear of being ac­cused of being a bigot.

Rather than being against any­one or any­thing, you will be part of a move­ment that defines itself by what it is for: the human right of chil­dren to be born into a fami­ly with their mom and dad united in mar­riage and the right of young people to dis­cover the truth about love, sexu­ality, mar­riage and fam­ily as it af­fects the choices they make in their own lives. Armed with a new per­spec­tive for witnes­sing the real­ity of mar­riage, you will gain in­sights for how to reveal the real­ity of mar­riage around the din­ner table, at the school board meet­ing, and in the wor­kplace without of­fend­ing. Toge­ther we’ll begin to take back mar­riage for our chil­dren and fami­lies, one heart at a time.

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